Welcome to my very first ‘blog’ on our brand new Riverside Junior School website!

Many thanks to Jo Greenwood for designing and setting up our new website – her skills, professionalism and patience have been amazing; without her persistence you wouldn’t be reading this. For those of you who don’t know Jo, she is:

  • A web site designer
  • Co -ordinator of our Thursday After School Code Club (computer programming) – volunteers URGENTLY needed please!
  • Mum to Rudy and Fig – both in Y4 classes

School Lunches

We have a very busy summer term term coming up – The School Council will soon be launching our ‘Riverside Cook book’ – with a view to including the most popular recipes in our weekly school menus. So… to all budding and aspiring master chefs, buy your own copy of this unique collection and get cooking!

We held or first ‘mega buffet’ last term and it was SO popular that a new date has been set for the next one – Thursday June 12th. The menu is available on our dinner menus page!

School Council Healthy Tuck Shop is gaining in popularity. Tuck shop is open at morning playtime, every day except Wednesdays and sells breadsticks, rice cakes, oat cakes, fresh fruit and boxed raisins. Suggestions to extend our range are always welcome; the healthiest snacks will make it on to our product list – get creative Riverside!

We used Fairtrade bananas in our banana milk shakes during Fairtrade fortnight – they were very popular! Katy, our Catering Manager, made the delicious shakes, a BIG thankyou to you Katy.

I am hoping to give all our website readers a weekly ‘flavour’ of Riverside life. Let me know what you would like to read about and I’ll do my very best to keep you updated and informed about our amazing school!

Val Eggleton