Healthy Food Award


Riverside Junior School has been awarded the Food for Life Partnership Bronze award for its healthy and climate-friendly food culture.

The school is working with the Food for Life Partnership to transform the school’s food culture and that of its local community, by connecting the children with climate-friendly and healthy food.

As part of the Bronze award scheme, Riverside Junior School were challenged to serve 75% of school meals, to be seasonal and freshly prepared. However, the catering team led by Cheryl Jeffreys and Cook, Sharon Leyden exceeded all expectations and now serve 100% of meal choices that are homemade from scratch using high quality raw ingredients that are unprocessed, locally sourced and where applicable, seasonal.

Cheryl Jeffries “As Catering Manager, I want to ensure that children develop a good understanding and attitude towards healthy eating and school meals and providing children with freshly prepared healthy meals plays a pivotal role in achieving this.”

As part of our journey to bronze, we have set up food growing areas around school and the children’s produce is now being used by our school kitchen. We also took every child on a visit to a local farm where they met and fed the animals and visited the polytunnels to see what was grown on the farm. Both children and parents have been involved in making improvements to the school menus and dining experience and furthermore, we have produced a Riverside Junior School cook book, created by our pupils using their favourite recipes.

Val Eggleton Headteacher “As a school, we want food to be an integral part of our community and culture and have introduced a ‘whole school approach’ to teach children to enjoy good quality, nutritious food. As part of our curriculum-wide approach to food, we are installing a new cooking area in school to provide children with an education in good food that will keep them going throughout their adult lives”.

Riverside Junior School Catering Service also provides daily school meals to four other local primary schools. If you would like to discuss our school meal service, please contact Sarah Kaler, School Business Manager, Riverside Junior School:

Independent research, summarised in a new report ‘Good food for all’ reveals the success of five years of the Food for Life Partnership. The evidence from three independent research studies focuses in particular on four main areas of impact: children’s health, tackling inequalities, improving education, and local enterprise and sustainability.