Harvest Festival

I had the great pleasure to attend the Harvest assembly last Friday and I wanted to take this chance to celebrate this fantastic event with you all.

The teachers and teaching assistants had done a terrific job of helping the pupils prepare and it was very clear that the topic of equality had really caught the imagination of so many children. What they had to say came from their hearts and it was confidently and clearly expressed. I sat watching full of pride, and it was lovely to see the pride and pleasure of the huge number of parents and carers who came along to watch too. What we need to do now is put our children in charge of sorting out the World’s many issues – when they are so wise, how do the adults somehow manage to get so many things so wrong?

As this month is black history month, there will be assemblies on this theme up until half term so do come along if you can. As the weather turns chilly and gloomy, you will be guaranteed to at least leave Riverside with a warm glow!

Jon Hairsine

Chair of Governors