Isn’t in fantastic!

Isn’t in fantastic!

We’re back to being officially ‘good’, and not just a ‘good’ school overall but good in each of the four categories assessed by Ofsted – ‘good’ for achievement, ‘good’ for teaching, ‘good’ for leadership and management, and ‘good’ for behaviour and safety. Please do take a moment to read the full feedback in the Ofsted report –

This is a reflection to the tremendous hard work of the leaders and staff of the school over the last three years. It is also a result of the fantastic attitudes and abilities of all our pupils, the support of our parents and the selfless commitment of our governors. It is also right and proper to acknowledge the huge contribution of former Head Val Eggleton, and the key support of Billie Farrell from the Local Authority and Lisa Hoyle, Head at Luddenden C of E school.

Getting to ‘good’ has been a great example of the power of effective teamwork. It took everyone working well together to reach this key goal, with the most enjoyable aspect of teamwork to see in action being that of the classroom teams, with teachers, teaching assistants and children being ever more effective in working together to ensure everyone enjoys school, learns and grows.

Rightly, there are satisfied smiles to be seen around the school but the even better news is that the improvement doesn’t stop here. I am delighted to report that the last conversation I had in school on the day that the inspection was completed was with the leadership team who, far from resting on their laurels, were enthusiastically discussing the need to start planning to be graded ‘outstanding’ by the time we are inspected again!

Jon Hairsine

Chair of Governors