Riverside Govs Blog Welcome Back Sept 2015

Welcome everyone to the new school year. I hope staff, parents and pupils (& anyone else reading this) alike have had a restful and fun Summer.


Talking of fun, maybe some of you saw the news over the Summer about research showing that British children are among the World’s least happy – see this Guardian article for more info – http://www.childrenssociety.org.uk/news-and-blogs/press-releases/children-in-england-among-the-unhappiest-in-the-world-with-school


What a sad statistic and I hope it is one that leads policy makers and those with great influence to think and react accordingly. The local good news is that, as parents, carers and education professionals, we can all do something to at least ensure our children are as happy as possible.


This has been an ever more explicit theme at Riverside over recent years and I’m glad to report this philosophy is ever-more at the forefront. Mrs Greenaway and her team are well aware that children learn best when they are happy and feel safe and this will always be a focus but, during the year ahead, there will also be a greater emphasis on experiential learning or, to put it another way, learning by going out and having fun! Watch out for more news in the school newsletters.


I’d also like to take the opportunity to celebrate the school being given a Food for Life Silver Award. This is a prestigious certification that few schools gain and is a very strong indicator of the quality of the school meals. Further validation of our excellent meals is the ever-growing number of lunches Riverside is providing to other local schools. Please join with me in offering very well deserved congratulations to the fantastic catering team.


Best wishes


Jon Hairsine

Chair of Governors