Chair of Governors Blog, January 2016

They were the worst of times, they were the best of times

Boxing Day might have been the grimmest single day in the town’s history but, boy, hasn’t the aftermath been an excellent affirmation of the goodness of humanity? Riverside has both demonstrated and benefitted from a whole load of human goodness. Quite simply, EVERYONE HAS BEEN BRILLIANT!

The staff of the school may simply claim to have been “just doing their jobs” but all have gone the extra mile, none more so than site manger Paul Clayton who probably wants a fuss making less than anyone else but who must surely be one of the very top Hebden Heroes and Heroines of the Flood. Thanks too to the Hebden infant schools, and other schools in the valley – together they have demonstrated wonderful collegiate collaboration.

It has been no surprise that parents, and many others within the community, have rallied to help, ably assisted in many cases by their children, but they deserve thanks and recognition none-the-less. We have also benefitted from a whole load of other volunteer help from far and wide. I maintain that Hebden is a special town but there are clearly lots of special people further afield too who have been drawn to support us.

I’d also like to highlight the great help provided by colleagues from the local authority, and the team from Haven who are busy renovating the schools. Our insurers also deserve our thanks for being responsive and flexible. The can-do attitude of all of these people have made the arduous task of getting ready to re-open that bit more bearable for Mrs Greenaway, Mrs Burton and their team.

We will be far from back to normal when the children come back next week but I still can’t wait to see the playground, classrooms and corridors full of children again. As the story of the flood and how it affected Riverside and the rest of the town is shared and discussed, there will be much children and adults alike can learn about important human qualities that are every bit as important as getting back to academic studies.