Weekly Update


Good afternoon,

Well the tradesmen have certainly been busy over the Easter holidays.  If you checkout our Facebook page there are plenty of pictures of the new kitchen.  Wednesday is handover day – after there has been a thorough, final clean.  All the pots, pans and new cutlery is arriving by the pallet full.  As a result we will be offering a meal service to all our schools. If you require your child to have a delicious, hot meal – please let us know by Wednesday, so we can organise the practicalities of delivering the food in our confined circumstances.

It’s not just the kitchen which has changed!  Walls have been pulled down/put up, doors added/removed, even doorways altered.  The funding has been part granted by Calderdale to fully update our heating system – this is a massive undertaking and will mean that through the summer holidays piping and connecting radiators upstairs will happen.  Calderdale have also commissioned contractors to fix the problems with our guttering and roof issues – we are awaiting timescales for this.  A massive thanks to all the councillors and MPs who were there to fight our corner and Calderdale for financing a large part of the project, not covered by insurance.

As you can see there’s lots going on and it’s difficult to put any timescales on completion – but we are all extremely hopeful that when we come back in September all will be up and running – if not before!

Looking to the future – all the fundraising that has been/is going on will go into making our upstairs classrooms and corridors as fresh as the rest of the building!  I am looking for a few volunteers to help with the online auction – any more contributions are welcome and would be appreciated by the end of April.

As the building is now back to temperature it’s nice to see the Riverside colours being worn again!  Once the weather improves we hope to get the children out on the park for PE/lunches and any volunteers would be welcome.  If you have time 12-1pm or any free afternoons during the week, I am aiming to create a register of sorts so I can anticipate helper numbers, please email me with details of dates/times your free – it will be much appreciated by staff and children.

Once again, on behalf of staff and governors, I would like to thank all for their support and patience – the journey has seemed a long one, but day on day we begin to see light at the end of the tunnel! Well, in the form of apple white paint this week!!

Warm regards,

Rachel Burton

Head of School