End of another year…

Well, I can’t quite believe it’s that time of year again. Where does the time go? Life at Riverside has continued to be fast-paced and upbeat, so I guess that is one reason why it doesn’t seem two minutes ago that we were starting out in our new refurbished building.

What a year it has been. The school has seen an almost total overhaul. By September 2017 two new classrooms will be in operation and over the summer work will continue to make the school an even better learning environment. There is still the ‘small’ issue of the wall and repair works to the roof – but more about that in September!

As a school we are also growing. As we bid farewell to our Year 6’s and wish them all the luck for the future, we welcome lots of new faces (not only in Year 3 but throughout the school). Again it is the time of year when some of our staff also move on to pastures new. Namely, Mrs Waldren whom has been at the school for over 10yrs, she will be sorely missed by children and staff alike and Mrs Chadwick who has done an excellent job in Year 5/6. We do welcome some new faces, Miss Christou and Miss Hoyle join our teaching staff and Mrs Doty will be working with Year 6. Also, we welcome back Miss Stansfield into Year 3 who will be taking on a mentor role in the afternoons.

There have been far too many highlights of this year to mention, I am not even going to try! But I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the children, staff and parents/carers who have fully supported the school and make Riverside the amazing place it is.

I hope everyone has an amazing summer – I won’t mention the weather with my luck, but enjoy whatever you have planned.

Rachel Burton

Summer BBQ Raffle Winning Tickets

The following numbers are winners:

378, 381

431, 456

606, 614, 690

704, 731

816, 825, 856

Please bring your ticket into Riverside Junior School and collect your prize!

School Leavers Charlie and the Chocolate Factory performance


YR6 put a fabulous show on for their leavers performance last Thursday. What a brilliant effort from all students and a lovely turn out from parents to give the students support. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will certainly take some beating,


For the increased security of our children and families, Calderdale Safeguarding Childrens Board have introduced a new procedure for absence recording across all Calderdale Primary and Junior Schools.
With immediate effect, a text will be sent to the Priority 1 parent of an absent child within 30 mins of school starting. If no response is received to the text, Priority 1 parent will be called within 45 minutes of school starting. If a response is still not received, every contact will be called until a reply is received, ensuring that someone from outside of the family home has been contacted. If no contact is made within the first hour of school starting, the Headteacher or Designated Safeguarding Lead will be alerted. If still no response, a second text and email will be issued to the first and second contact on our list. A home visit will follow if possible and appropriate by the school. Finally, if all other stages have been completed and there is still no contact, the police will be contacted using the 101 number


Dear parents and carers,
Governors play a crucial role in ensuring schools are successful. Even though Riverside is a very good, and well-led school, it is really important that we have sufficient governors to effectively challenge and support the school and to effectively carry out all the responsibilities of the governing body. We have had a parent governor vacancy for some time that we have, so far, been unable to fill and we now also have a further ‘co-opted’ governor vacancy as a result of the resignation of John Dermo. John has been an excellent and long-standing governor who has played an important part in the school’s improvement in recent years and I would like to thank him on behalf of governors, staff, pupils and parents.
I am hoping that some of you will give consideration to joining the governing body. We are a school that is blessed with many great parents as well as great children and I am sure that many of you have much to offer. If you think you may be interested and would like to find out more please let me know at chair@riverside.calderdale.sch.uk. If you let me have your phone number, we can arrange to speak by phone or face-to-face in school. Any initial discussion will be informal (and friendly!). I will provide details of what is involved so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to put yourself forward.
If, following discussion, you wish to be considered for the parent governor position, this will involve an election among parents if there is more than one candidate. If you wish to be considered for the co-opted position, your informal application (there is no need to put anything in writing) will be considered by the governing body.
More information about the role of governors can be found at http://www.nga.org.uk/Be-a-Governor.aspx