Jupiter 4


In Literacy we will be reading a range of fictional texts with fantasy settings. We will compare, contrast and respond to a range of fictional settings. We will look at how authors create mood and atmosphere, and study how the settings influence the characters. The children will practise writing their own fantasy stories, including how to use paragraphs to good effect. We will also focus on: punctuation, the use of powerful verbs, writing in the appropriate tense, and sentence structure; including creating complex sentences with the use of connectives. After half term we will be looking at stories from other cultures.


Each half term we will cover place value (including ordering, rounding, properties of numbers and  number sequences and scales). We will work on understanding the four rules using mental calculation strategies leading to pencil and paper procedures. We will also cover measure (length, perimeter, time); shape and space (2D shapes); money, fractions and decimals; handling data. Problem solving will run through all topics. All these areas will be developed and revisited each term.


For the first half term, we will be studying Friction and investigating forces: air resistance, water resistance and gravity. We will explore how different surfaces affect friction and look into how friction can be useful in the wider environment.  After half term, we will look at electricity and its sources. We will learn how to construct a simple electrical circuit and observe what happens to the brightness of the bulb when we systematically vary its components. We will also learn which materials are electrical conductors/ insulators.


We will be studying China as our year 4 topic this term. In geography, we will look at it’s location, physical and natural features and demographics. From a historical viewpoint, we will focus on the Shang dynasty, for example the origins of Chinese calligraphy.


Topics are: Going for goals and Good to be me.


The children will design their own 3D setting for a fantasy story (please start collecting shoe boxes now). The children will work in pairs/ independently and need at least one shoe box, or similar between two. Most of the artwork will be topic/ literacy based, for example, Chinese lanterns and kites.


Jupiter 4 will now go swimming.
Other activities this term include gymnastics and net/wall games.


Conversational French will be taught weekly.


Right and Wrong is the theme this term. We will be exploring some of the key teachings about human behaviour and reflect on our own behaviour and values.  A focus on Buddhism and Confucius will link with the China topic.


Homework will be given out on Fridays and is due in the following Wednesday. This is usually to consolidate work done in class or a related activity and we try to give homework across a range of subjects.

Children will continue to learn their multiplication tables. Any extra practise at home would be an advantage.

Spellings to learn at home will be given out on Fridays and the children will be tested the following week. Pupils are encouraged to use a ‘look, cover, say, write and check’ method to learn words. The words usually have a theme or common letter string or pattern, are sometimes topic related.

P.E kit needs to be in school every Monday and children may take it home to be washed at the weekend.

Swimming: This term Jupiter 4 will swim every Wednesday and need a named costume/trunks and a towel in a named bag. If you have any questions or concerns about anything please don’t hesitate to come in and talk to us.