Mercury 5

It’s great to have all the children back again. We’ve been in school over Easter preparing for summer term 2014. It will be a busy and exciting one. We will have lots of sports competitions [cricket, gym, tennis, football and another velodrome opportunity], a Farm visit, 2 Bikeability sessions [linked to the Tour de France], a fell running project with local land artist Trudi Entwhistle and much more….

We had so much to celebrate last term: Sadie won the Talent Show, Fenner the Easter egg competition, all the girls in 5SP got medals for coming 3rd in the heats of the Calderdale Girls football comp, our boys won the Football match against Old Town and Eilo, Mishka and Molly got Bronze medals in the HX7 netball tournament. We had a great time at Castleton on the 2 day residential and 5SP are officially the most energetic class we have ever taught! Eilo, Billy, Josh, Farrell, Fenner, Rowan and Sadie all represented us in the X-C, [with Eilo, Rowan, Billy and Josh invited to the Calderdale X-C]. In the last week Billy and Mishka won the class boys and girls tennis tournaments. What a term!

We’ve got lots of new topics to cover in the summer term in Y5 Mercury, but there will also be some whole school ones during the term.

Maths: Calculations, Fractions and %, Area, Perimeter and Volume, 3D shape, Data Handling, along with plenty of problem solving and practical maths.

Literacy: We will be reading ‘Journey to Joburg’ by Beverley Naidoo this half term and basing our writing around it. The novel teaches the children about apartheid and inequality in S Africa in the 1980s. If you know someone from S Africa who would come in and talk to the children about growing up with apartheid please let us know. We also intend to cover Performance Poetry, Older Literature and Film Narrative.

Art: Printing inspired by William Morris

History/Geography: Local history study. We’re really looking forward to sharing your homework & will be going out into Hebden to trace its history.

Music: Mrs Bradley teaches this subject.

PE: Cricket/Rounders until half term then Athletics + Orienteering skills.

Science: Earth, Sun and Moon- please encourage the children to look and the stars [you can get apps on your phone to identify them], check out sunset and sunrise times, follow the moon cycle or even visit a planetarium.

French: parts of the body & family members.

Homework: Thank you so much for all your help with the children’s homework. It’s a free service and we are so glad you use it! So many children had 100% homework record, that we decided to give out 15 ‘Special Award’ medals. That was an excellent record.

Reminders: PE kit needed Mon, Tues, Weds

Homework: Maths out Mon in following Mon. Topic/Literacy: out Thurs in next Thurs unless more time given. Spellings: Out Thurs/Fri fortnightly. Please check that your child reads at home and engage with their reading.

Pens from home have caused lots of problems in class. Your child has a school pen and pencil & has no need to bring in pens from home.

Mobile phones require a permission slip (for security reasons to ensure photos are not taken) and are kept switched off in a drawer in class.

Do come & see us if you have any concerns. After school is fine.

Mrs Scarf & Mrs Patrick