School Vision

At Riverside we are committed to becoming an outstanding school whose academic results match the very highest performing schools and where creative expression is second to none. As a community of learning we will engender resilience, tenacity, personal confidence and respect for others. Our work will engage all pupils and develop a lifelong love of learning which will inspire them to achieve success and contribute to the global society.

At Riverside Junior School we… So that…
Make our problems smaller not bigger We can sort them out quickly and feel happy again
Keep safe hands and feet We do not hurt ourselves and other people
Focus not fuss We own our own behaviour
Are honest and tell the truth We can trust each other
Listen to each other We understand each other
Work hard We achieve our Riverside Best
Look after the things in our school We have a pleasant place to learn
Choose our words carefully We show respect for other people
Are in the right place at the right time We are safe and secure
Walk around school sensibly We are safe and secure