Rachel Burton (Head)
Paul Antcliff (Assistant Head/Teacher – 3A)

Joy Rooney (Teacher 3R)

Ben Williamson (Teacher 3W)
Sam Wright (Teacher 4W)
Rebecca Patrick and Jackie Scarf  (4S/P)
Lindsay Hoyle (Teacher 5H)
Alex Christou (Teacher 6C)

Andrew Raven (Teacher 6R)


Sam Doty (Support Assistant)
Liz Western (Teaching Assistant)
Linda Lund (Teaching Assistant)
Angie Salamino (Teaching Assistant)

Sarah Kaler (School Businesss Manager)
Nikki Williamson (Administration Assistant)
Janice Lord (administrative Assistant)
Paul Clayton (Site Manager)

miss-burton-left Miss Burton – Head
mrs-taylor-left Mrs Taylor
Mr Antcliffe
mrs-patrick-left Mrs Patrick

I am the history coordinator & I am particularly looking forward to the new prehistory element of curriculum 2014 as this was my degree subject. My passion is fell running & I am out every Weds evening with the Tod Harriers & hope to do many local races this year.

Mrs Scarf

I started part-time at Riverside when my youngest son, [who’s now 18] began school, so that’s a long time ago! I always job share with Mrs Patrick because we work so well together. If we do anything sporty at Riverside, I’ll be involved in it! When I’m not teaching, I might be fell running with Calder Valley, orienteering, kayaking or cycling. Some times all of them, if I’m doing an Adventure Race with my husband!

Miss Rooney
mr-raven-250x300 Mr Raven